Stephen R. Heller

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Since its public introduction in 2005 the IUPAC InChI chemical structure identifier standard has become the international, worldwide standard for defined chemical structures. This article will describe the extensive use and dissemination of the InChI and InChIKey structure representations by and for the world-wide chemistry community, the chemical(More)
When producing recombinant protein for therapy, it is desirable not only to obtain substantial amounts of the protein, but also to make sure that potential contaminants such as inducing agents are not present in the final product. To prevent this, one can use expression systems in which the promoter (lambdaP(L)) is activated by a temperature shift that(More)
The synthesis, purification and characterization of G129R-hPRL and S179D-hPRL, the two better-studied antagonists of human prolactin (hPRL), is described. Both of these have been expressed for the first time, in their authentic form, by a stable CHO cell line, at secretion levels of 7.7 and 4.3 microg/10(6) cells/day, respectively. Previous studies had(More)
Recent investigations concerning the significance of porphyrins in erythrocytes indicate a need for a rapid quantitative assay, easily adaptable to routine clinical use. To till this need, we have developed a simplified procedure for the measurement of porphyrins (essentially protoporphyrin) in whole blood. Blood is stirred with acetone-ethyl acetate and(More)