Stephen R. Greenwood

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MACRO is a programming language for performing string manipulation, It is unique among string manipulation languages in that MACRO is a procedural language whose form is much fike PWI. In addition to the standard procedures found in PL/I, the MACRO language defines another procedure-like object called a macro. Macros are the basis o: the picture matching(More)
BACKGROUND Delivering effective clinical pediatric communication skills training to undergraduate medical students is a distinct and important challenge. Pediatric-specific communication skills teaching is complex and under-researched. We report on the development of a scenario-based pediatric clinical communication skills program as well as students'(More)
A general equilibrium analysis of progressive income taxation: quantifying the trade-offs. Mimeo, University of Pensylvania. Ceria, S. and Ríos-Rull, J. V. 1992. On the existence uniqueness and computability of non-optimal recursive equilibria in linear quadratic economies. Unpublished Manuscript, Business cycles with distorting taxes and disaggregated(More)
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