Stephen R Connor

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Adult onset leukodystrophy with neuroaxonal spheroids is an uncommon cause of dementia. Both hereditary (autosomal dominant) and sporadic cases have been described. A 41-year-old African woman presented with inappropriate behavior and personality change consistent with frontal lobe dysfunction. MRI demonstrated diffuse frontoparietal white matter signal(More)
Complete Center for Disease Control death certificate records and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services 100% Standard Analytic File for hospice claims for 2002 were used to describe the whole population of hospice users and nonusers in the United States. The overall hospice utilization rate for persons 65 years and older was 28.6%. Hospice utilization(More)
We used complete Centers for Disease Control death certificate records and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services 100% Standard Analytic File for hospice claims for 2002 to examine differences in hospice utilization between African-American and white decedents living in the United States. White decedents were more likely to use hospice in the year(More)
Highlights b Advancing Excellence in Health Care • Acknowledgments ii The NHQR is the product of collaboration among agencies across the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Many individuals guided and contributed to this report. Without their magnanimous support, this report would not have been possible. Specifically, we thank:
BACKGROUND It is important to ensure that minimum standards for palliative care based on available resources are clearly defined and achieved. AIMS (1) Creation of minimum National Standards for Palliative Care for India. (2) Development of a tool for self-evaluation of palliative care organizations. (3) Evaluation of the tool in India. In 2006, Pallium(More)
Despite the emotional and interpersonal challenges that hospice staff face in providing care to patients near the end of life, no systematic effort has been made to evaluate the work environment that hospices provide to their staff. The aim of this project was to develop a job satisfaction survey that could be used to evaluate the hospice work environment(More)
Death and dying are not easy to deal with. Perhaps you or someone you love is facing an illness that cannot be cured. Few of us are really ready for the hard choices that may have to be made at the end of life. It can be hard for everyone involved—the dying person, their family and loved ones, and health care providers, too. But there is a way to ease pain(More)