Stephen R. Cain

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The precision of ladar range measurements is limited by noise. The fundamental source of noise in a laser signal is the random time between photon arrivals. This phenomenon, called shot noise, is modeled as a Poisson random process. Other noise sources in the system are also modeled as Poisson processes. Under the Poisson-noise assumption, the Cramer-Rao(More)
The Space Surveillance Telescope (SST) is a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency program designed to detect objects in space like near Earth asteroids and space debris in the geosynchronous Earth orbit (GEO) belt. Binary hypothesis test (BHT) methods have historically been used to facilitate the detection of new objects in space. In this paper a(More)
The success of converted corals as a bone graft substitute relies on a complex sequence of events of vascular ingrowth, differentiation of osteoprogenitor cells, bone remodeling and graft resorption occurring together with host bone ingrowth into and onto the porous coralline microstructure or voids left behind during resorption. This study examined the(More)
Knee kinematics after total knee arthroplasty is dictated primarily by implant geometry and native soft tissue constraints. This study highlights the importance of a functioning posterior cruciate ligament in limiting excessive anteroposterior translation in a mobile bearing knee design that relies on native posterior cruciate ligament integrity and(More)
BACKGROUND The adverse effects of passive smoking have received wide attention in recent years. Although a number of childhood illnesses are known to be affected by exposure to tobacco smoke, to date the medical literature is silent about the effect of tobacco smoke on the development of bacterial meningitis in children. The purpose of this study was to(More)
An alternative method for statistical interpolation is formalized. A new theorem is proved, providing theoretical basis for optimizing statistical accuracy in successively conditioned rendering applications. The theorem is empirically validated by two simulations, each comparing two different statistical interpolators. The interpolators are used to model(More)
Proximal and distal articulations surface roughness measurements were done on 8 mobile bearing knee designs immediately after removal from sterile packaging. Roughness parameters Ra and Rp based on ISO 97, representing mean deviation from the smooth surface line and mean peak to smooth surface line, were recorded using a contact surface profilometer at 10(More)
This paper investigates algorithms to improve the detection of space objects with the space surveillance telescope (SST) system. These space objects include natural objects such as asteroids and artificial satellites in Earth orbit. Using a proposed multiple hypothesis test (MHT), the detection performance is compared to the currently used algorithm as well(More)
In 50 patients undergoing cardiac operation, hypothermic cardioplegic solution was infused into the root of the aorta immediately after aortic cross-clamping. Cardiac standstill was achieved within 1 to 3 minutes. However, monitoring of intramyocardial temperature with a needle thermistor revealed that such core cooling is unpredictable (the intramyocardial(More)