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Space Surveillance Telescope (SST) is a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) program designed to facilitate the detection of space debris in earth's orbit. In order to achieve optimal performance, focusing of the telescope can be conducted by retrieving phase information in the image to determine the amount of defocus and then moving the(More)
An alternative method for statistical interpolation is formalized. A new theorem is proved, providing theoretical basis for optimizing statistical accuracy in successively conditioned rendering applications. The theorem is empirically validated by two simulations, each comparing two different statistical interpolators. The interpolators are used to model(More)
BACKGROUND The adverse effects of passive smoking have received wide attention in recent years. Although a number of childhood illnesses are known to be affected by exposure to tobacco smoke, to date the medical literature is silent about the effect of tobacco smoke on the development of bacterial meningitis in children. The purpose of this study was to(More)
The precision of ladar range measurements is limited by noise. The fundamental source of noise in a laser signal is the random time between photon arrivals. This phenomenon, called shot noise, is modeled as a Poisson random process. Other noise sources in the system are also modeled as Poisson processes. Under the Poisson-noise assumption, the Cramer-Rao(More)
This paper investigates the ability to improve Space Domain Awareness (SDA) by increasing the number of detectable Resident Space Objects (RSOs) from space surveillance sensors. With matched filter based techniques, the expected impulse response, or Point Spread Function (PSF), is compared against the received data. In the situation where the images are(More)
Previously, one of the tools available in automotive or aircraft accident analysis was the examination of the indicator bulbs. Currently, indicator bulbs have been largely replaced by light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Here a series of studies was carried out on impact effects on LEDs to determine whether their properties change after impact, and whether it is(More)
A comprehensive study of reliability failure modes in an advanced through-silicon via (TSV) mid process flow is presented in Part I of this paper. This is the first time unique TSV mid reliability failure modes at leading-edge TSV dimensions have been observed and reported. TSV Kelvin, comb and chain test structures with 10:1 aspect ratio and a TSV diameter(More)
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