Stephen Quinn

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Gui ide t to Ad dopti ing a and U Usin ng the e Sec curit ty Co onten nt Au utom matio on Pro otoco ol (S S P e n 1.2 2 CAP) Version (Dr raft) Reco omme endatio ons of f the N Nationa al Insti itute o of Stan ndards s and T Technology y Steph hen Quin nn Karen n Scarfone David d Walterm mire (NIST) promotes the U.S. economy and public welfare by providing(More)
Keywords: Bank of Amsterdam Fiat money Commodity money Monetary policy Credit policy a b s t r a c t A fiat money system was introduced in the seventeenth century by a prominent public bank of the time, the Bank of Amsterdam. Employing data from the bank's archives, we show that bank money became a more attractive transactions medium following a 1683 policy(More)
BACKGROUND Research has shown that improving well-being using positive mental health interventions can be useful for predicting and preventing mental illness. Implementing online interventions may be an effective way to reach young people, given their familiarity with technology. OBJECTIVE This study will assess the effectiveness of a website called the(More)
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