Stephen Pettigrew

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A paper from the Open Science Collaboration (Research Articles, 28 August 2015, aac4716) attempting to replicate 100 published studies suggests that the reproducibility of psychological science is surprisingly low. We show that this article contains three statistical errors and provides no support for such a conclusion. Indeed, the data are consistent with(More)
Our ​ Technical Comment​ on ​ OSC2015​ , the ​ OSC's reply​ to it, and our ​ reply to the OSC​ , have elicited lengthy responses from several colleagues. We were grateful to hear their thoughts and to engage them in this important conversation. For those who have not been following the conversation, here is how it has gone so far: OSC: " We have provided a(More)
This article studies the interplay of U.S. primary and general elections. I examine how the nomination of an extremist changes general-election outcomes and legislative behavior in the U.S. House, 1980–2010, using a regression discontinuity design in primary elections. When an extremist—as measured by primary-election campaign receipt patterns—wins a "(More)
2 We thank our friend Brian Nosek and his 43 colleagues for their thoughtful reply (hereafter referred to as OSC­Reply) to our Technical Comment on their article " Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science " which recently appeared in ​ Science​ (hereafter referred to as OSC­2015​)​. Although some differences between us remain, we are(More)
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