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Intelligent Environments (IEs) have specific computational properties that generally distinguish them from other computational systems. They have large numbers of hardware and software components that need to be interconnected. Their infrastructures tend to be highly distributed, reflecting both the distributed nature of the real world and the IEs’ need for(More)
We are building a new communication model and discovery system which will allow agent-based intelligent spaces to interact with one another. This new infrastructure layer, called Hyperglue, coordinates agent actions at a higher level than most agent communication does, providing an interface for communication at the level of “real-world” entities such as(More)
This paper provides an overview of the rover technology development, integration, validation, and mission infusion process now being used by the NASA Mars Technology Program. Described are the relevant mission scenarios of long range traverse and science instrument placement, along with the enabling algorithmic components for them. These are being(More)
Malignant granular cell tumor is a rare neural tumor characterized by abundant granular-appearing tumor cells. These tumors account for <2% of all granular cell tumors. Unlike its benign counterpart, a malignant granular cell tumor presents primarily in the lower limb and is notably larger. Both the uncommon occurrence of malignant granular cell tumors and(More)
In this paper we make two contributions toward a better understanding of the causes and consequences of discrimination in credit markets. First, we develop an explicit theoretical model of the underwriting process in which lenders use a simple Bayesian updating process to evaluate applicant creditworthiness. Using a signal correlated with an applicant’s(More)
BACKGROUND Pre-transplant frozen section evaluation for macrovesicular steatosis has long been used as a guide for donor liver utility, but may not agree with the permanent section evaluation. This study sought to evaluate the accuracy of frozen section in an active transplant service. METHODS Retrospective review of cases where frozen section analysis(More)
Prerecovery liver biopsy (PLB) can potentially to decrease futile recovery and increase utilization of marginal brain-dead donor (BDD) livers. A case-control study was conducted to examine the logistics, safety, histological precision, and liver utilization associated with PLB in BDDs. Twenty-three cases between January 2008 and January 2013 were compared(More)
OBJECTIVE Sebaceous Carcinoma is a rare and aggressive malignant tumor. We present a case report of a large truncal tumor with multicentricity and aggressive locoregional recurrence that required trapezius myocutaneous flap reconstruction. Examining patterns of multicentricity, metastasis, and recurrence of sebaceous carcinoma in the literature we sought to(More)
  • Stanley D. Longhofer, Charles Calomiris, +8 authors STANLEY D. LONGHOFER
  • 1997
Violations of the absolute priority rule (APR) are commonplace in private workouts, formal business reorganizations, and personal bankruptcies. While some theorists suggest they may arise endogenously, they are clearly magnified by the institutional structure of the bankruptcy code. This paper shows that APR violations exacerbate credit rationing problems(More)