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Can coaching reduce workplace stress? A quasi-experimental study.
This paper presents the main findings from Part I of a study investigating if workplace coaching can reduce stress. Thirty-one participants from a UK finance organisation took part in the
The role of gender in workplace stress: a critical literature review
Objective The aim of this review was to evaluate research relating to the role of gender in the level of workplace stress. A further aim was to review literature relating to stressors of particular
The Influence Of Character: Does Personality Impact Coaching Success?
Using the Five Factor Model of personality and the construct general self efficacy this study explores the relationship between coaching clients’ personality and a self-report measure of the transfer
Brief Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
This work states that using hypnosis as an Adjunct to Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy Treatment Protocols is a cost-effective and effective alternative to conventional therapy.
The relationship between coaching and workplace stress: A correlational study
Abstract There is a limited amount of research investigating the relationship between coaching and stress. This paper will present the findings from Part II of a study investigating whether workplace
Exploring key aspects in the formation of coaching relationships: initial indicators from the perspective of the coachee and the coach
Abstract This article explores coachees and coaches views on aspects important in the formation of the coaching relationship. The research uses a qualitative methodology. Semi-structured repertory
The Coaching Relationship: Putting people first.
The Coaching Relationship discusses how we can integrate process perspectives such as the quality of the coach-coachee relationship, and professional perspectives including the influences of training
Coaching in Organizations
This chapter focuses on the history and definition of coaching in organizations, its purpose and recommendations on process, from positioning of coaching within organizations, identification of need
Model of organisational stress for use within an occupational health education/promotion or wellbeing programme - A short communication
This paper introduces a simple model of organisational stress which can be used to educate or inform employees, personnel and health pro fessionals about the relationship between potential