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Comparison of error rates in combinational and sequential logic
A pulsed laser was used to demonstrate that, for transients much shorter than the clock period, error rates in sequential logic were independent of frequency, whereas error rates in combinationalExpand
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Attenuation of single event induced pulses in CMOS combinational logic
Results are presented of a study of SEU generated transient pulse attenuation in combinational logic structures built using common digital CMOS design practices. SPICE circuit analysis, heavy ionExpand
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A digital CMOS design technique for SEU hardening
A new cell design technique is described which may be used to create SEU hardened circuits. The technique uses actively biased, isolated well transistors to prevent transients in combinational logicExpand
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Laboratory tests for single-event effects
We present two laboratory techniques for measuring SEE, one involving a pulsed laser and the other /sup 252/Cf, are described in detail in this paper. Expand
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Demonstration of single-event effects induced by through-wafer two-photon absorption
The first demonstration of through-wafer two-photon absorption (TPA) single-event effects (SEEs) testing is presented. We interrogate the single-event transient (SET) response of several differentExpand
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Circuit modeling of the LM124 operational amplifier for analog single-event transient analysis
This work presents the development of a transistor-level circuit model of the LM124 operational amplifier specifically engineered and calibrated for analog single-event transient (ASET) computerExpand
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Impact of Total Ionizing Dose on the Analog Single Event Transient Sensitivity of a Linear Bipolar Integrated Circuit
Total ionizing dose (TID) strongly affects the single event transient (SET) sensitivity of a bipolar linear voltage comparator (LM139). The general rule that transistors in the non-conducting stateExpand
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Critical charge for single-event transients (SETs) in bipolar linear circuits
The critical charge for single-event transients (SETS) from heavy ions has been simulated and measured in bipolar linear circuits under several bias conditions. Although in many cases the thresholdExpand
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Investigation of millisecond-long analog single-event transients in the LM6144 op amp
A new category of analog single-event transients (SETs) with millisecond-long durations have been experimentally observed in the LM6144 operational amplifier. It is the first time that events withExpand
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Single Event Transients in Linear Integrated Circuits
On November 5, 2001, a processor reset occurred on board the Microwave Anisotropy Probe (MAP), a NASA mission to measure the anisotropy of the microwave radiation left over from the Big Bang. TheExpand
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