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We have generalized some previous results of Ruspini and others in fuzzy clustering, using the new concept of indistinguishability relation based on the concept of t-norm and also we have studied its metrical properties through the dual concept of r-conorm that leads to G-pseudometrics. From the concept of G-pseudometric we have defined fuzzy r-clusters and(More)
Testing for uniformity in multidimensional data is important in exploratory pattern analysis, statistical pattern recognition, and image processing. The goal of this paper is to determine whether the data follow the uniform distribution over some compact convex set in K-dimensional space, called the sampling window. We first provide a simple,(More)
Single beam gradient force optical traps, or tweezers, are a powerful tool for a wide variety of experiments in physics, chemistry, and biology. We describe how to build an optical tweezer with a total cost of Ϸ$6500 using only commercially available optics and mounts. We also suggest measurements that could be made using the apparatus.
Virtual experience and other technology-dependent methods of describing products online are frequently touted as the way of the future in e-commerce. However, despite the hyperbole, these claims have actually not been tested rigorously on systems used by major online retailers. This paper reports the results of an experiment that assesses user perceptions(More)
This paper describes a procedure for segmenting muscle cell pictures. The segmentation procedure is broken into two logical parts. The first part segments the picture into regions composed of cells or clumps of cells using a number of low-level operations. The second part of the procedure involves the segmentation of the cell clumps into individual cells.(More)
Minimally invasive procedures that offer reduced downtime are on the rise in aesthetic facial surgery, and it is essential that these newer technologies undergo critical assessment in the hands of well-trained facial plastic surgeons. The combination of lipotransfer and thread-lift represents a new modality to address midfacial aging. Specific technical(More)
OBJECTIVES The role of fused modality [F]-2-fluorodeoxyglucose-positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) in diagnosing and accurately staging patients with primary, metastatic, and recurrent head and neck (HN) cancer is evolving, and the clinical implications need to be further defined. A few retrospective studies have been performed, but(More)
Methods to generate well-defined structures composed of cells have the potential to be useful in areas where aggregates of cells are relevant: a) analytical systems that use cells as sensors; b) systems for fundamental studies of metabolism, signaling, toxicology, cellular ecology, and the biophysics of cell ± cell interactions; and c) systems that(More)