Stephen P. Smith

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This correspondence describes a new test for multivariate normality useful in pattern recognition. The test is based on the Friedman-Rafsky multivariate extension of the Wald-Wolfowitz runs test. We perform Monte-Carlo experiments to determine if the test is reliable in high dimensions with moderate sample size. We compare the test to some other tests(More)
Testing for uniformity in multidimensional data is important in exploratory pattern analysis, statistical pattern recognition, and image processing. The goal of this paper is to determine whether the data follow the uniform distribution over some compact convex set in K-dimensional space, called the sampling window. We first provide a simple,(More)
A shape matching method based on concepts tied to integral geometry is studied. The method consists of computing the distribution of random chords over the figures to be matched and comparing them by means of the Kolmogorov-Smimov test. A simplified form of the procedure for matching figures to a circle yields a test for circularity. It is generalized to(More)
This paper demonstrates that the molding of a sol-gel precursor against an elastomeric replica of the desired features (a form of soft lithography) is a convenient method to generate submicrometer patterns of glasses on a substrate. We were able to fabricate glass (silicon dioxide doped with boron oxide, titanium oxide, or aluminum oxide) structures with(More)
Light is a powerful tool for manipulating microscopic objects. It can control the position and orientation of objects as large as 100 mm and as small as a single atom. Light force, in the form of single beam gradient force traps, has been used to trap and manipulate dielectric spheres, viruses, bacteria, living cells, organelles, colloidal gold, and even(More)
The ability to provide diagnostic information for workload performance is of great value in the performance tuning process. Not only can it orient the tuning process by identifying key performance issues, it can also be used to estimate the severity of each performance issue and the potential gain from addressing it. This work investigates the ability of(More)