Stephen P. Mosley

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The yeast CCR4 protein is required for the expression of a number of genes involved in nonfermentative growth, including glucose-repressible ADH2, and is the only known suppressor of mutations in the SPT6 and SPT10 genes, two genes which are believed to be involved in chromatin maintenance. We show here that although CCR4 did not bind DNA under the(More)
The growth of the green algaChlorella pyrenoidosa was inhibited by terpene alcohols and the terpene aldehyde citral. The strongest activity was shown by citral. Nerol, geraniol, and citronellol also showed pronounced activity. Strong inhibition was linked to acyclic terpenes containing a primary alcohol or aldehyde function. Inhibition appeared to be taking(More)
The expression of the yeast ADH2 gene is controlled by the transcriptional activator ADR1, a zinc-finger protein that binds to an upstream activating sequence (UAS1) in the ADH2 promoter. We report here the isolation of seven mutations in the ADR1-5c allele, defining five different amino acid changes, that suppress the enhanced ADH2 expression caused by the(More)
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