Stephen P Merry

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OBJECTIVES To assess the accuracy of dual-energy CT (DECT) for diagnosing gout, and to explore whether it can have any impact on clinical decision making beyond the established diagnostic approach using polarising microscopy of synovial fluid (diagnostic yield). METHODS Diagnostic single-centre study of 40 patients with active gout, and 41 individuals(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the educational benefits of international elective rotations during graduate medical education. PARTICIPANTS AND METHODS We studied Mayo International Health Program (MIHP) participants from April 1, 2001, through July 31, 2008. Data from the 162 resident postrotation reports were reviewed and used to quantitatively and qualitatively(More)
A number of in vitro and in vivo studies (for review see Kaye & Merry, 1985) have shown that resistance to adriamycin (doxorubicin; ADR) can be circumvented by the calcium antagonist verapamil (VPM). This effect has been noted both in animal and in human tumour lines and a clinical trial investigating the value of this approach in human small cell lung(More)
We have investigated the mechanism of resistance to adriamycin (ADR) of 3 human glioma cell lines in culture. The cell lines had different inherent sensitivities to ADR. Verapamil increased the ADR sensitivities of the 2 most resistant cell lines (G-UVW and G-CCM) by up to 5-fold. This effect was not seen in a sensitive cell line (G-MCF). Although the(More)
The sensitivity of 7 human non-small cell lung cancer cell lines to each of 7 cytotoxic drugs was determined. None of the cell lines used in these experiments had been previously exposed to cytotoxic drugs in vitro. A pattern of cross-resistance (P less than 0.05) between the drugs adriamycin (ADR), vincristine (VC) and etoposide (VP16) was noted similar to(More)
Bone marrow toxicity is a major dose-limiting factor in the clinical use of adriamycin (doxorubicin) and VP16 (VP16-213, etoposide). While the calcium antagonist verapamil has been reported to enhance the sensitivity of a number of animal tumours to these cytotoxic agents in vitro, the effects of verapamil on the cytotoxic drug sensitivity of bone marrow(More)
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