Stephen P McClure

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OBJECTIVES To develop an effective method to remove endotoxin from large scale E. coli recombinant protein purifications. DESIGN AND METHODS Triton X-114 phase separation, affinity chromatography utilizing immobilized polymyxin B or immobilized histidine, were used to remove endotoxin from purified preparations of recombinant CK-BB, CK-MB, CK-MM,(More)
UNLABELLED Many of the problems associated with the current grading approaches for fibrillary astrocytomas center around the lack of consistency in grading. This study compares the diagnoses of five neuropathologists with five experienced surgical pathologists with regard to assigning astrocytoma grade. Thirty neoplastic and non-neoplastic lesions were sent(More)
In a patient who had fever and cytopenias but no peripheral lymphadenopathy, bone marrow biopsy revealed findings consistent with Hodgkin's disease. Subsequently lymph node biopsy specimens showed lymphoma with features more consistent with peripheral T-cell lymphoma. The clinical features of this patient were those that have been ascribed to an atypical(More)
The role of the placental junction in AKA virus infection in the ewe was examined during the time when the chorionic villi were first becoming firmly attached to the maternal caruncles. The studies were made over 21 days covering the period between 32 and 53 days of pregnancy. Viral tropism in the fetal membranes and tissues of the fetuses was identified by(More)
The development of cell-mediated immunological reactivity was studied in fetal lambs infected with Akabane virus. Examination of hepatic cells from fetuses between 40 and 75 days' gestation that had been infected via the transplacental route revealed inconsistent responses to Akabane, together with a uniform failure to respond to non-specific mitogens which(More)
The origin of the Reed-Sternberg cell, the neoplastic cell of Hodgkin's disease, has not been defined. We evaluated a case of Hodgkin's disease, mixed cellularity type, which presented in the retroperitoneum of a 45-year-old woman. Reed-Sternberg cells and Hodgkin's cells expressed the characteristic markers CD15 and CD30. In addition, they expressed the(More)
The B lymphocyte-epithelial cell interactions that define the microenvironment of the ileal Peyer's patch, the primary B lymphocyte organ of the fetal lamb, have been replicated in tissue culture. Mixed suspensions of ileal epithelial cells, lymphocytes and fibroblasts from fetuses of 63-103 days of gestation organized into macroscopically visible(More)
As an increasing number of scientific literature dataset are open access, more attention has gravitated to keyword analysis in many scientific fields. Traditional keyword analyses include the frequency based and the network based methods, both providing efficient mining techniques for identifying the representative keywords. The semantic meanings behind the(More)
The results of culture and histopathologic examination of 419 lymph node biopsy specimens obtained from 414 patients in 1978-1983 were correlated with clinical histories. The clinical diagnosis was lymphadenopathy of unknown etiology in 113 cases, sarcoidosis in 93, malignant lymphoma in 86, metastatic carcinoma in 17, histoplasmosis in 18, tuberculosis in(More)