Stephen P Marsden

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Cu-catalysed arylation reactions devoted to the formation of C-C and C-heteroatom bonds (Ullmann-type couplings) have acquired great importance in the last decade. This review discusses the history and development of coupling reactions between aryl halides and various classes of nucleophiles, focusing mostly on the different mechanisms proposed through the(More)
The design, synthesis and decoration of six small molecule libraries is described. Each library was inspired by structures embedded in the framework of specific alkaloid natural products. The development of optimised syntheses of the required molecular scaffolds is described, in which reactions including Pd-catalysed aminoarylation and diplolar(More)
A synthetic approach to diverse scaffolds was developed that was inspired by diterpene biosynthesis. Initial scaffolds, generated using Diels-Alder reactions of furyl-functionalised amines, were transformed into alternative scaffolds using cleavage, ring expansion, annulation and rearrangement reactions. In total, 25 diverse scaffolds were prepared that(More)
Since their discovery in 1997, iridium-catalysed asymmetric allylic substitutions have been developed into a broadly applicable tool for the synthesis of chiral building blocks via C-C and C-heteroatom bond formation. The remarkable generality of these reactions and the high levels of regio- and enantioselectivity that are usually obtained in favour of the(More)
As our understanding of the impact of specific molecular properties on applications in discovery-based disciplines improves, the extent to which published synthetic methods meet (or do not meet) desirable criteria is ever clearer. Herein, we show how the application of simple (and in many cases freely available) computational tools can be used to develop a(More)
A novel approach to the valuable quaternary 3-aminooxindole skeleton is reported on the basis of intramolecular arylation of enolates of substituted amino acids. The reaction tolerates dialkyl- and arylalkylamines as well as a range of carbon substituents (primary and secondary alkyl, aryl). The cyclization of N-indolyl-substituted substrates is accompanied(More)