Stephen Oney

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The proliferation of touchscreen devices has made soft keyboards a routine part of life. However, ultra-small computing platforms like the Sony SmartWatch and Apple iPod Nano lack a means of text entry. This limits their potential, despite the fact they are quite capable computers. In this work, we present a soft keyboard interaction technique called(More)
Interactive behaviors in GUIs are often described in terms of states, transitions, and constraints, where the constraints only hold in certain states. These constraints maintain relationships among objects, control the graphical layout, and link the user interface to an underlying data model. However, no existing Web implementation technology provides(More)
For developers debugging their own code, augmenting the code of others, or trying to learn the implementation details of interactive behaviors, understanding how web pages work is a fundamental problem. FireCrystal is a new Firefox extension that allows developers to indicate interactive behaviors of interest, and shows the specific code (Javascript, CSS,(More)
When designing novel GUI controls, interaction designers are challenged by the "immaterial" materiality of the digital domain; they lack tools that effectively support a reflecting conversation with the material of software as they attempt to conceive, refine, and communicate their ideas. To investigate this situation, we conducted two participatory design(More)
InterState is a new programming language and environment that addresses the challenges of writing and reusing user interface code. InterState represents interactive behaviors clearly and concisely using a combination of novel forms of state machines and constraints. It also introduces new language features that allow programmers to easily modularize and(More)
Application Programming Interface (API) documents are a typical way of describing legal usage of reusable software libraries, thus facilitating software reuse. However, even with such documents, developers often overlook some documents and build software systems that are inconsistent with the legal usage of those libraries. Existing software verification(More)
Programmers frequently use instructive code examples found on the Web to overcome cognitive barriers while programming. These examples couple the concrete functionality of code with rich contextual information about how the code works. However, using these examples necessitates understanding, configuring, and integrating the code, all of which typically(More)
When designing interactive interfaces and behaviors, interface designers compare and contrast multiple design ideas, often creating and testing many intermediate user interface prototypes before deciding on a final design. However, existing interface prototyping and creation tools do not effectively let designers explore, compare, or keep track of older(More)
Software APIs often contain too many methods and parameters for developers to memorize or navigate effectively. Instead, developers resort to finding answers through online search engines and systems such as Stack Overflow. However, the process of finding and integrating a working solution is often very time-consuming. Though code search engines have(More)