Stephen O'Farrell

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We describe cDNA clones for a cell surface proteoglycan that bears both heparan sulfate and chondroitin sulfate and that links the cytoskeleton to the interstitial matrix. The cDNA encodes a unique core protein of 32,868 D that contains several structural features consistent with its role as a glycosamino-glycan-containing matrix anchor. The sequence shows(More)
BACKGROUND Non-neutralising antibodies to the envelope glycoprotein are elicited during acute HIV-1 infection and are abundant throughout the course of disease progression. Although these antibodies appear to have negligible effects on HIV-1 infection when assayed in standard neutralisation assays, they have the potential to exert either inhibitory or(More)
BACKGROUND The rapid and continual viral escape from neutralizing antibodies is well documented in HIV-1 infection. Here we report in vivo emergence of viruses with heightened sensitivity to neutralizing antibodies, sometimes paralleling the development of neutralization escape. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS Sequential viral envs were amplified from(More)
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