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We evaluated the effectiveness of a manual to teach parents how to help their children overcome fear of the dark. The primary components of the package included desensitization, reinforcement, and verbal self-control statements. Six fearful children ages 3-11 and their parents participated. A multiple-baseline design across three pairs of matched subjects(More)
High groove density reflection gratings placed at grazing incidence in the extreme off-plane mount offer increased performance over conventional in-plane mounts in the x-ray. We present initial off-plane efficiency test results from the grating evaluation facility at the University of Colorado. The test gratings are holographically ruled, ion-etched(More)
We consider direct and inverse scattering for the Laplace-Beltrami operator with electromagnetic potentials in domains with smooth surfaces upon which we impose interface conditions. The boundary conditions used encompass physical models of imperfect transmission arising in acoustics, quantum scattering, semiconductors, and geophysics. We prove uniqueness(More)
This paper describes the major components of a treatment program for severely behaviorally handicapped children. The program's goal is to help the children develop the necessary skills to function in regular classrooms or special education classes. The article presents descriptions of the procedures used in the Day School Learning and Treatment Center and(More)
The Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) is a small explorer (SMEX) mission currently under an extended Phase A study by NASA. NuSTAR will be the first satellite mission to employ focusing optics in the hard X-ray band (880 keV). Its design eliminates high detector backgrounds, allows true imaging, and permits the use of compact high performance(More)
This study examines the dependence of the effective area of the AXAF x-ray telescope, upon the complex dielectric constants of possible mirror coatings, over the energy range 0.1-10 keV. At energies near and above the astrophysically important iron-line complex near 6.7 keV, the effective area is very sensitive to the coating density on the three innermost(More)
Reflex autonomic changes which occur after cigarette smoke enters the upper airways are partially due to peripheral chemoreceptor stimulation. Chemoreceptor denervation attenuates but does not abolish smoke induced bradycardia. Denervation nearly abolishes bradycardia induced by tracheal occlusion. Hypertension accompanies smoke induced apnea but does not(More)