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The association between social competence and preschool children's ability to identify affect in child and adult facial expressions and tones of voice was investigated in 2 studies. A Sullivan theoretical framework was used. Results indicate that gender plays an important role in the association. For boys, accuracy in identifying low-intensity adult faces(More)
This study examined whether African American children's ability to identify emotion in the facial expressions and tones of voice of European American stimuli was comparable to their European American peers and related to personality, social competence, and achievement. The Diagnostic Analysis of Nonverbal Accuracy (DANVA ; Nowicki & Duke, 1994) was(More)
  • S Nowicki
  • 1976
The purpose of the present study was to identify the factor structure of the Children's Nowicki-Strickland Internal-External Control scale. To this end, the responses of Ss at the elementary (n = 449), junior high (n = 388) and high school (n = 389) were subjected to factor analysis procedures. Both general and specific factors were found. It was suggested(More)
A frequent complaint of depressed people concerns their poor interpersonal relationships. Yet, although nonverbal cues are considered of primary importance in interpersonal communication, the major theories of depression focus little attention on nonverbal social perception. The present study investigated the ability of depressed, disturbed control, and(More)
Interpersonal theorists assume that the greater the discrepancy between a person's own assessment of his or her interpersonal style and the perceptions of others, the greater will be that individual's reported psychological distress. In the present study, 32 U.S. undergraduate students, all female, completed the Interpersonal Checklist (ICL) of LaForge and(More)
The relations among reported stressful events, maternal control and warmth, and children's locus of control of reinforcement were investigated. Fifty-five 2nd-grade. U.S. children completed the Children's Nowicki-Strickland Internal-External Locus of Control Scale, and their mothers completed a modified form of Coddington's Life Events Scale for their(More)