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This paper reviews and examines several techniques for expanding the carrying capacity of multimode fiber (MMF) using vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs). The first approach utilizes short wavelength division multiplexing in combination with MMF optimized for operation between 850 and 950 nm. Both nonreturn to zero (NRZ) and four-level pulse(More)
Experimental data is presented demonstrating 100GbE (4×25.8 Gbps) SWDM4 VCSEL technology, and SWDM4 transmission over 200m and 300m of wideband OM4 fibers. All NRZ SWDM4 channels achieved error-free transmission at 200m, and BER <; 1e-9 at 300m. In addition, successful 180 (4×45) Gbps transmission is demonstrated over 300m wideband OM4(More)
We experimentally demonstrate, for the first time, link BERs under the KP4 FEC threshold at 42.5 Gbps over 550 m high bandwidth OM4 using single 850 nm VCSEL and at aggregated 212.5 Gbps over 300 m wideband multimode fiber using SWDM TOSAs from 850 to 940 nm, employing a newly developed PAM4 chipset and direct detection, with a novel Ge/Si APD or wideband(More)
Ownership systems express hierarchical data structures well but can have difficulty expressing relationships between peers. Relationships systems, on the other hand, do not address ownership issues. This paper considers the recent work on relationship systems in the context of ownership, and presents ideas for adding ownership to relationship systems.
Relationships have been an essential component of OO design since the 90s, yet mainstream OO languages still do not support first-class relationships. Most programs implement relationships in an ad-hoc fashion which results in unnecessarily complex code. We examine the requirements for a good first-class relationship abstraction and compare this with(More)
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