Stephen Muggleton

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This paper firstly provides a re-appraisal of the development of techniques for inverting deduction, secondly introduces Mode-Directed Inverse Entailment (MDIE) as a generalisation and enhancement of previous approaches and thirdly describes an implementation of MDIE in the Progol system. Progol is implemented in C and available by anonymous ftp. The(More)
A new research area, Inductive Logic Programming, is presently emerging. While inheriting various positive characteristics of the parent subjects of Logic Programming and Machine Learning, it is hoped that the new area will overcome many of the limitations of its forebears. The background to present developments within this area is discussed and various(More)
Inductive Logic Programming (ILP) is a new discipline which investigates the inductive construction of rst-order clausal theories from examples and background knowledge. We survey the most important theories and methods of this new eld. Firstly, various problem speciications of ILP are formalised in semantic settings for ILP, yielding a \model-theory" for(More)
One way to represent a machine learning algorithm's bias over the hypothesis and instance space is as a pair of probability distributions. This approach has been taken both within Bayesian learning schemes and the framework of U-learnability. However, it is not obvious how an Induc-tive Logic Programming (ILP) system should best be provided with a(More)
The question of whether it is possible to automate the scientific process is of both great theoretical interest and increasing practical importance because, in many scientific areas, data are being generated much faster than they can be effectively analysed. We describe a physically implemented robotic system that applies techniques from artificial(More)
Abs t rac t . Gold showed in 1967 that not even regular grammars can be exactly identified from positive examples alone. Since it is known that children learn natural grammars almost exclusively from positives examples, Gold's result has been used as a theoretical support for Chomsky's theory of innate human linguistic abilities. In this paper new results(More)