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BACKGROUND Barcode-based technology coupled with the electronic medication administration record (e-MAR) reduces medication errors and potential adverse drug events (ADEs). However, many current barcode-enabled medication administration (BCMA) systems are difficult to maneuver and often require multiple barcode scans. We developed a prototype, next(More)
Every day, there are countless productive opportunities lost in commerce because of a lack of interoperability concerning the data exchanged between organizations. One of the fundamental aspects regarding the long-term goal of achieving interoperability for data is the adherence to a common standard with an industry and between industries. The emergence of(More)
The authors take a broad view that ultimately Grid-or Web-services must be located via personalised, semantic-rich discovery processes. They argue that such processes must rely on the storage of arbitrary metadata about services that originates from both service providers and service users. Examples of such metadata are reliability metrics, quality of(More)
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