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AN INCREASING NUMBER of integrated solutions involve the stacking of chips to reduce system size. You can find wire-bonded stacks of processors and memories in cell phones, PDAs, and flash cards. But is physical size of the system the only benefit of stacking chips? Does this minia-turization provide potential performance benefits? Until recently, practical(More)
Demonstrated is the fully integrated chip and package technology proposed in ACCI. ACCI provides power and ground distribution by using buried solder bump, and data transmission through capacitors formed between the chip and package. INTRODUCTON Numerous types of non-contacting, inter-chip signaling methods have been presented, such as: ACCI [1,2],(More)
This paper discusses the potential application of inductive coupling elements as backplane connectors. Tradeoffs in the choice of inductive elements are discussed and a simple circuit model for electrically large board-to-board transformers is presented. Measured data for a 10mm outer diameter transformer shows an acceptable eye opening for 400Mbps NRZ(More)
A new differential pulse receiver is demonstrated for AC Coupled Interconnect (ACCI), which enables the highest data rate, at 6Gb/s/channel (36Gb/s aggregate), for capacitively coupled systems using pulse signaling. The system works across FR4 printed circuit board (PCB) interconnect lengths of up to 30cm with coupling capacitors from 95fF to 165fF, while(More)
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