Stephen McKeague

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For mobile robot navigation in crowded environments, hand and body tracking to enable seamless human-robot interaction is a challenging problem. Many existing methods simplify the task with static camera assumptions, initial calibration stages, or ad hoc pose constraints, making them difficult to be applied to assistive robots used for healthcare(More)
Changes in gait can be caused by a wide range of health complications. As deviations in gait may be an indicator of deteriorating health, abnormalities can be used as a surrogate measure for detecting the onset of certain symptoms. Previous studies have demonstrated the value of wearable sensing for gait analysis. This paper demonstrates the added value of(More)
Pervasive human motion capture in the workplace facilitates detailed analysis of the actions of individual subjects and team interaction. It is also important for ergonomic studies for assessing instrument design and workflow analysis. However, a busy, dynamic, team-based environment, such as the operating theatre poses a number of challenges for the(More)
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