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Artificial agents do not exist in the world in solitude. They are required to interact with others, and thus must reason in some fashion about those they interact with. This paper presents a view of trust which artificial agents can use to help in such reasoning processes, providing them with a means to judge possible future behaviour on the basis of past(More)
Dear reader Welcome! It's been a long time coming, but here at last is the first tranche of papers and the official opening of the Journal of Trust Management, a SpringerOpen publication that is dedicated to the exposition and exploration of research and development in the fields of trust management and computational trust. This is a new journal, and still(More)
The ACORN architecture is a multi-agent based information retrieval and provision system which uses the concept of 'document as agent' coupled with a community-based approach to information sharing. In the system, with the minimum of effort, users can expect to be provided with timely information on subjects in their areas of interest, whilst being able to(More)
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