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A net advantage? The internet, grassroots activism and American Middle-Eastern policy
The uses to which social movements and other grassroots actors put the internet have gained considerable attention from researchers. Expand
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Likely and Unlikely Stories: Conspiracy Theories in an Age of Propaganda
The relationships between dominant practices of mass communication and widely accepted “conspiracy theories” require closer attention. The tendency of conspiracy adherents to selectively employExpand
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Location Technologies: Mobility, Surveillance and Privacy: A Report to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada under the Contributions Program
The Surveillance Project researches the ways in which personal data are processed. We explore why information about people has become so important in the 21st century and what are the social,Expand
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Surveillance, Mass Culture and the Subject: A Systems/Lifeworld Approach
Habermas’s (1984/1989) Theory of Communicative Action provides distinct advantages for considering both the evolving character of surveillance within the context of late capitalism, andrelatedExpand
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Introduction: WikiLeaks as a New Form of Activism
As an electronic whistle-blower platform with global reach, WikiLeaks poses a unique challenge to state and commercial institutions. Yet, its efforts to galvanize the public have met with unevenExpand
Emerging Affinities: WikiLeaks in the Context of a Legitimation Crisis
Over time, WikiLeaks has adjusted its strategies to take better advantage of a densely populated and globally networked media environment, and the larger reality of an ongoing political legitimationExpand
Assessing the ‘impact’ of a media event: An Innisian appraisal of Al Jazeera’s Palestine Papers leak
This article considers the ‘Palestine Papers’ as both a major news story carried by Al Jazeera in 2011 and an enduring digital artefact. These leaked documents revealed that during peace talks, theExpand
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Editorial: Smart Borders and Mobilities: Spaces, Zones, Enclosures
The border has been called the fundamental political institution; and the bordering process is one of the most important roles for community, delineating between inside and outside, us and them, safeExpand
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