Stephen M. Purcell

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BACKGROUND Six candidate gene studies report a genetic association of DNA variants within the paraoxonase locus with sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). However, several other large studies, including five genome-wide association studies, have not duplicated this finding. METHODS We conducted a meta-analysis of 10 published studies and one(More)
Dynamic susceptibility contrast magnetic resonance imaging (DSC MRI) can be used to generate high resolution maps of cerebral blood volume (CBV). To determine the test-retest reliability, CBV was measured in eight volunteers on two occasions, separated by 4 weeks. The mean ratio (scan 2/scan 1) for 72 cortical regions of interest (ROIs) was 1.03, with a(More)
Vitiligo, particularly the rarer inflammatory variant, may be difficult to distinguish from hypopigmented mycosis fungoides (MF) clinically. Complicating the distinction is that when biopsies are taken from the periphery of early vitiliginous lesions or from lesions with an inflammatory border (inflammatory vitiligo), a dermal lymphocytic infiltrate,(More)
Follicular mucinosis is an uncommon inflammatory disorder that characteristically presents as follicular papules and/or indurated plaques. The face, neck, and scalp are the most frequently affected sites, although lesions may occur on any site of the body. Histologically, the disorder is characterized by mucin deposition in the follicular epithelium. The(More)
Declaration I, the undersigned, declare that this work has not previously been submitted as an exercise for a degree at this, or any other University, and that unless otherwise stated, is my own work. I, the undersigned, agree that Trinity College Library may lend or copy this thesis upon request. Acknowledgments My sincere thanks go out to my family,(More)
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