Stephen M. Meyer

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BACKGROUND Some patients with bipolar disorder (BD) demonstrate neuropsychological deficits even when stable. However, it remains unclear whether these differ qualitatively from those seen in schizophrenia (SZ). METHODS We compared the nature and severity of cognitive deficits shown by 106 patients with SZ and 66 patients with BD to 316 healthy adults(More)
This study aimed to assess the severity and specificity of cognitive impairments that affect individuals with deficit versus non-deficit schizophrenia. We compared 26 patients with the deficit subtype of schizophrenia (SZ-D) and 79 with non-deficit schizophrenia (SZ-ND) to 316 healthy adults (NC). All study participants completed a battery with 19(More)
Self-injury is a defining feature of lesch-nyhan disease (LND) but does not occur in the less severely affected Lesch-Nyhan variants (LNV). The aim of this study was to quantify behavioral and emotional abnormalities in LND and LNV. Thirty-nine informants rated 22 patients with LND (21 males, 1 female), 11 males with LNV, and 11 healthy controls (HC; 10(More)
Diagnostic neuropsychological assessment requires the clinician to estimate a patient's premorbid abilities. Word reading tests, such as the National Adult Reading Test-Revised (NART-R), provide reasonably accurate estimates of premorbid IQ, but their capacity to benchmark other premorbid cognitive abilities remains unclear. In this extension of an earlier(More)
We describe the development of a 35-item, oral word-reading test with two equivalent forms (HART-A and HART-B) designed to estimate premorbid abilities. Both forms show excellent internal consistency (coefficients alpha>.91) and test-retest reliability (Pearson rs >.90). HART performance was combined with demographic variables to generate regression(More)
Of course environmental deregulation will not be cost-free. Steady progress toward cleaner air, water, and land will be slowed significantly, if not reversed. While this may be of small concern in still pristine states such as Wyoming, the implications for public health, ecology, and the quality of life in states such as New Jersey are more dire. Protection(More)
Despite its potential as a unique neuropsychological test, the emergence of a psychometrically sound research foundation for Jones-Gotman and Milner's (1977) Design Fluency Test (DFT) has been constrained by the lack of consistent administration and scoring practices and limited information about its reliability. Here we describe an approach to(More)
BACKGROUND The Alzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale-Cognitive subscale (ADASCog) remains the most widely used test of longitudinal cognitive functioning in Alzheimer's disease (AD) clinical trials. Unlike most neuropsychological tests, the ADAS-Cog source documentation worksheets are not uniform across clinical trials, and vary by document layout, inclusion(More)
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