Stephen M. J. Pollo

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Thermophiles are extremophiles that grow optimally at temperatures >45 °C. To survive and maintain function of their biological molecules, they have a suite of characteristics not found in organisms that grow at moderate temperature (mesophiles). At the cellular level, thermophiles have mechanisms for maintaining their membranes, nucleic acids, and other(More)
Here, we announce the draft genome sequences of two thermophilic Thermotogae bacteria: Kosmotoga sp. strain DU53, isolated from a continental oil reservoir, and Kosmotoga arenicorallina, isolated from hydrothermal sediments. The sequences will provide further insight into evolution of the Kosmotogales.
Temperature affects cell function and survival. Most organisms are adapted to growing within a temperature range that rarely exceeds ~ 30°C, but the anaerobic thermophilic bacterium Kosmotoga olearia TBF 19.5.1 (phylum Thermotogae) is capable of growing over an extremely wide temperature range (20°C-79°C). We used transcriptomic and comparative genomic(More)
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