Stephen M. Hess

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Application of probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) techniques to model nuclear power plant accident sequences has provided a significant contribution to understanding the potential initiating events, equipment failures and operator errors that can lead to core damage accidents. Application of the lessons learned from these analyses has resulted in(More)
The Saccharomyces cerevisiae genes, RRP1 and SRD1, are involved in processing rRNA precursor species to mature rRNAs. We reported previously that the rrp1-1 mutation caused temperature-sensitive lethality, hypersensitivity to aminoglycoside antibiotics, and defective processing of 27S pre-rRNA to 25S and 5.8S mature rRNAs. A second-site suppressor of the(More)
We consider a problem commonly faced in the nuclear power industry, involving annual selection of plant capital investments under the constraints of a limited and uncertain budget. When the budget is assumed known, a typical approach to such problems is built on a multi-dimensional knapsack model. This model takes as input the available budget in each year,(More)
On the basis of the data reported here, one may conclude that although many agents that act in the central nervous system are modulators of the action of cyclic AMP, it is difficult to establish a direct connection between the pharmacologic activity and the levels of cyclic AMP in the brain. This lack of interrelation applies to the benzodiazepines as well(More)
In this paper we describe application of the Risk Informed Safety Margin Characterization (RISMC) approach to enhancements of nuclear power plants that are important to decisions associated with their long term operation. The RISMC approach was used to assess changes in safety margins that would occur due to hypothetical extended power uprates for a PWR(More)
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