Stephen M Festin

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Herpes simplex virus type-1 (HSV-1) protease is responsible for proteolytic processing of itself and the virus assembly protein ICP35 (infected cell protein 35). Two proteolytic processing sites within the protease have recently been identified between Ala247 and Ser248 and between Ala610 and Ser611. In this report we demonstrate that peptides corresponding(More)
Previous studies have shown that alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) interferes with estrogen (E2)-stimulated growth, including E2-stimulated breast cancer growth. In an effort to localize the antiestrotrophic portion of the molecule, the C-terminal one-third (200 amino acids) of human AFP, known as Domain III, was produced in a baculovirus expression system as a(More)
Solid phase peptide synthesis and air oxidation of omega-conotoxin GVIA yielded, in addition to the desired product, an isomeric peptide which could be completely separated from the native toxin by repeated HPLC. A chymotrypsin-trypsin digest of this peptide, when subjected to HPLC peptide mapping, provided peptides identical with synthetic disulfide(More)
Mml loci have been identified as provirus integration sites among a subset of monocytic tumours induced by murine leukaemia virus (MuLV) infection of BALB/c and DBA/2 mice. These myeloid leukaemias contain a retrovirus integrated on chromosome 10 in proximity to the c-myb locus; however, c-myb expression was not altered. Detailed physical mapping enabled(More)
Because adenocarcinoma of the breast expresses receptors for alpha-fetoprotein (AFP), we studied Tc-99m AFP as a radiopharmaceutical to detect breast cancer. The biodistribution of Tc-99m radiolabeled natural human AFP (full length) and recombinant domain III (DIII) of human AFP was compared to Tc-99m sestamibi and Tl-201 in a murine model of human breast(More)
With the goal of producing receptor antagonists, numerous monocyclic and bicyclic endothelin analogs were prepared and tested for vasoconstrictor activity, receptor affinity and functional antagonist activity. Bis-penicillamine endothelin analogs containing Ala or Asn at position 18 were functional antagonists, with Ki values of 20-40 nM but KB values of(More)
[Pen 1,11, Nle7, Glu9, Ala18]-Sarafotoxin S6b (BMS-184696) and [Pen1,11, Nle7, Glu9, Leu18]-sarafotoxin S6b (BMS-184697) were synthesized with the aim of preparing ETB receptor antagonists. BMS-184696 was a potent ETA antagonist, an extremely potent vasoconstrictor ETB agonist, and a non-competitive vasodilator ETB antagonist with no agonist activity.(More)
We have developed an expeditious method for the incorporation of the biotinylaminocaproyl moiety on the epsilon-amino group of a lysine residue within a peptide chain in a site-specific manner. Using t-Boc chemistry for the solid phase synthesis approach and a base labile, acid stable protecting group (Fmoc-) for the epsilon-amino group of the target(More)
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