Stephen M. Alessi

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Breast elastography is a new sonographic imaging technique which provides information on breast lesions in addition to conventional ultrasonography (US) and mammography. Elastography provides a noninvasive evaluation of the stiffness of a lesion. Today, two technical solutions are available for clinical use: strain elastography and shear wave elastography.(More)
National development planning is a decision process at the central government level that defines the strategic plan for a country’s long-term development. The System Dynamics Group at the University of Bergen in collaboration with Millennium Institute and the University of Iowa is developing an interactive learning environment for national development(More)
The infrahyoid region of the neck includes the visceral, anterior cervical, posterior cervical, carotid, retropharyngeal, and perivertebral spaces. The visceral space contains the thyroid, parathyroid glands, larynx, hypopharynx, the cervical trachea, and esophagus, the recurrent laryngeal nerve. The carotid space contains two parts, which extend from the(More)
OBJECTIVE Evaluate incidence, etiology, and sonographic features of Baker's cyst in children. MATERIALS AND METHODS We examined 16 pediatric patients, with the clinical diagnosis of Baker's cyst. The possibility to confirm or to exclude the presence of the lesion, assess the structure, presence of bilateralism and joint effusion were considered. Three(More)
INTRODUCTION Varicoceles are abnormal dilatations of the pampiniform venous plexus. They are classified as primary or secondary, depending on their cause, and staged clinically on the basis of their extension and on the presence or the absence of spontaneous or induced reversal of blood flow. MATERIALS AND METHODS We examined 95 patients (age range: 3-77(More)
Neuroblastoma are among the most important tumors of extracranial origin in pediatric patients. They arise from embryonal cells involved in the development of the sympathetic nervous system, whose differentiation has been arrested [1,2]. They are the tumors most frequently diagnosed during the first decade of life. Their evolution is unpredictable, ranging(More)
All brain tumours diagnosed since 1967 in a University Hospital in the Southern region of Brazil were reviewed and clinical information concerning age, sex, symptoms and evolution were analysed. 88.1% of tumours were primary neoplasms and the rest secondary deposits. There was a male predominance and the second and fifth decades of life were the most(More)
Model transparency is increasingly identified as a positive or even necessary characteristic of system-dynamics-based learning environments, where model transparency is usually identified as providing modified causal-loop diagrams, equations, or verbal descriptions of a model. The theses of this presentation are: (1) Model transparency may be beneficial for(More)
Breast biopsy consists in the collection of cells or tissue fragments from a breast lesion and their analysis by a pathologist. There are several types of breast biopsy defined on the basis of the type of needle used: fine-needle aspiration and biopsy performed with a spring-based needle. This article focuses on fine-needle aspiration performed under(More)
When evaluating the effectiveness of interactive learning environments it is important to include measures of knowledge acquisition that complement measures of performance. In this paper we report on participants’ knowledge acquisition in a dynamic decision making task where participants learned about and managed a small developing nation. In the course of(More)