Stephen M. Alessi

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National development planning is a decision process at the central government level that defines the strategic plan for a country's long-term development. The System Dynamics Group at the University of Bergen in collaboration with Millennium Institute and the University of Iowa is developing an interactive learning environment for national development(More)
Model transparency is increasingly identified as a positive or even necessary characteristic of system-dynamics-based learning environments, where model transparency is usually identified as providing modified causal-loop diagrams, equations, or verbal descriptions of a model. The theses of this presentation are: (1) Model transparency may be beneficial for(More)
When evaluating the effectiveness of interactive learning environments it is important to include measures of knowledge acquisition that complement measures of performance. In this paper we report on participants' knowledge acquisition in a dynamic decision making task where participants learned about and managed a small developing nation. In the course of(More)
This study investigated an instructional strategy to improve learning a complex model in a system dynamics based learning environment. The instructional strategy required subjects to explore key variables by manipulating dynamic graphs. Design of the strategy was posited upon principles of reducing cognitive load, facilitating mental models, enhancing(More)
Prior exploration is an instructional strategy that has improved performance and understanding in system-dynamics-based simulators, but only to a limited degree. This study investigates whether model transparency, that is, showing users the internal structure of models, can extend the prior exploration strategy and improve learning even more. In an(More)
1 ABSTRACT The purpose of this body of work was to address medication errors and safe medication administration practices in relation to practicing nurses and nursing students via several different approaches. These different approaches will be presented as three separate papers but interrelated themes. The specific purpose for each paper and the(More)
In on-demand education, learners are required to plan their own learning trajectory by selecting suitable learning tasks. A positive effect on learning is expected when learners select tasks that help them fulfil their individual learning needs. However, the selection of suitable tasks is a difficult process for learners with little domain knowledge and(More)
In 50 psychiatric inpatients treated with neuroleptics we observed neuroleptic-induced dysphoria in 4% and neuroleptic-induced akathisia in 18% of the cases. In our sample there was no schizophrenics among dysphoric responders. We discuss the implication of the findings and the relationship between dysphoric response and subjective phenomena of akathisia.
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