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Liénard systems and their generalized forms are classical and important models of nonlinear oscillators, and have been widely studied by mathematicians and scientists. The main problem considered is the maximal number of limit cycles that the system can have. In this paper, two types of symmetric polynomial Liénard systems are investigated and the maximal(More)
In the 1940s, the first generation of modern computers used vacuum tube oscillators as their principle components, however, with the development of the transistor, such oscillator based computers quickly became obsolete. As the demand for faster and lower power computers continues, transistors are themselves approaching their theoretical limit and emerging(More)
http://dayta.me is a highly personal information recom-mender that augments a person's online calendar with useful information pertaining to their upcoming activities. To perform this recommendation , it draws upon a large collection of distributed, linked-data and Web 2.0 data sources it queries live, and provides a clear, simple user interface that(More)
It has been recently shown that N-ras plays a preferential role in immune cell development and function; specifically: N-ras, but not H-ras or K-ras, could be activated at and signal from the Golgi membrane of immune cells following a low level T-cell receptor stimulus. The goal of our studies was to test the hypothesis that N-ras and H-ras played distinct(More)
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