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BACKGROUND Fibromyalgia engulfs patients in a downward, reinforcing cycle of unrestorative sleep, chronic pain, fatigue, inactivity, and depression. In this study we tested whether a mostly raw vegetarian diet would significantly improve fibromyalgia symptoms. METHODS Thirty people participated in a dietary intervention using a mostly raw, pure vegetarian(More)
Laryngotracheal reconstruction with expansion surgery is a reliable method for treatment of laryngotracheal stenosis in children. It allows for decannulation of the patient and restoration of vocal communication. Previous information regarding vocal quality in these patients has been scant. Sixteen children who underwent successful laryngotracheal(More)
During the past decade, the outcome of laryngotracheal reconstruction in children has improved substantially regarding airway patency. Now that we feel comfortable with airway results, attention should be directed toward vocal quality. The aims of this article are to present our evaluation process, which has been developed during the past 3 years, and our(More)
Instead of avoiding freezing, freeze tolerant invertebrates actively initiate controlled ice nucleation at relatively high sub-zero temperatures in extracellular compartments. Most produce proteinaceous ice-nucleators in their hemolymph, however the intertidal bivalve mollusc Geukensia demissa lacks this ability. Instead it utilizes at least one strain of(More)
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