Stephen Levitt

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In this paper I propose the design of a novel building extraction system, entitled BuRS, which is capable of identifying man-made structures that are visible in monocular greyscale aerial photography of rural settlements (sparsely builtup areas). The system design is texture measure driven; integrates both edges and regions; and does not utilise an explicit(More)
Parallel programming can provide higher computational performance over a sequential implementation by making use of the many cores available in parallel systems. However, the parallel-capable devices introduce complexity into the programming model. Current parallel programming API's such as OpenCL and CUDA provide interfaces to the parallel devices, but are(More)
The SLAC Controls Department has interfaced IBMCompatible PCs to the SLC Control System, for use by the Final Focus Test Beam (FFTB) experimenters, who are building new accelerator equipment and developing and testing it at their home institutions. They will bring the SLAC and integrate it into the control system using a new software package.(More)
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