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The aim of an intraosseous application of electromagnetic alternating fields is to speed up both the regeneration of osteonecroses and bone regeneration. In clinical studies, the efficiency of the technique could be successfully proven by using a transducer coil. The advantage of the traditional technique was the variety of its applications in connection(More)
Multiple operative techniques are currently used for finger arthrodesis in clinical practice. The present study was designed to compare the biomechanical characteristics of typical arthrodesis techniques used in daily practice. Osteosynthesis techniques comprising wire cerclage, thread cerclage (PDS) or intraosseous wire suture were compared in a(More)
A series of pyrite thin films were synthesized using a novel sequential evaporation technique to study the effects of substrate temperature on deposition rate and micro-structure of the deposited material. Pyrite was deposited in a monolayer-by-monolayer fashion using sequential evaporation of Fe under high vacuum, followed by sulfidation at high S(More)
Wear of the central bushing made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (PE-UHMW) of the hinged knee endoprosthesis of a tumour-resection system is the leading reason for revision. The aim of the study was to optimize the wear characteristics of the endoprosthesis on the basis of the tribological properties of new materials and an additional finite(More)
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