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Atheism Versus Humanism : Ideological Tensions and Identity Dynamics
LeDrew uses a comparative approach to highlight the different ways in which atheist group identity is being expressed. LeDrew begins with a historiography of two branches of atheism: scientificExpand
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The Evolution of Atheism: The Politics of a Modern Movement
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The evolution of atheism
Atheism has achieved renewed vigor in the West in recent years with a spate of bestselling books and growing membership in secularist and rationalist organizations, but what exactly is the nature ofExpand
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Unorganized atheism and the secular movement: reddit as a site for studying ‘lived atheism’
This article examines discussions on the reddit.com forum r/atheism in comparison with rhetoric found in contemporary atheist organizations and among leading figures within the atheist movement. WeExpand
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Scientism and Utopia: New Atheism as a Fundamentalist Reaction to Relativism
The New Atheism movement has generally been understood as a reaction to fundamentalism, but LeDrew argues that it is just as importantly a reaction to two other features of late modern culture:Expand
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Secular Criticism of Religion
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Atheism and the Social Sciences
Jokes and Their Relation to the Uncanny: The Comic, the Horrific, and Pleasure in Audition and Romero's Dead Films
This paper explores the relationship between Freud's theories of the comic and the horrific, as presented in Jokes and their Relation to the Unconscious and The Uncanny. Freudian interpretation ofExpand
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