Stephen Larson

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This paper contains the results of a survey of the 36 ABET accredited undergraduate programs in Information Systems (IS) from 2012 in the USA. With the goal of discovering the makeup of a typical ABET accredited IS program, each educational institution's website was searched for applicable information about its undergraduate program for information systems.(More)
This paper looks at information systems and the information they provide specifically for strategic decision-making. The study employs a brief review of the recent research on information systems for strategic decision making and presents a framework for better understanding of such systems Future research plans are also given.
Development is a complex process that, under normal circumstances, proceeds in a stable and patterned fashion. Developmental morphogenesis (called embryogenesis) can tell us a great deal about the function and structure of an adult organism. One of the most important aspects of development to understand is the progression of cell division and(More)