Stephen L. G. Rothman

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We compared the measurements of CTs in two groups of children: 35 satisfying DSM III criteria for attention deficit disorder (ADD) and 27 controls with other conditions. The groups were comparable in age, sex, and IQ. Measurements of the anterior horns of the lateral ventricles, bifrontal width, and right and left hemispheres did not differ. The ratio of(More)
The cross-sectional area and the sagittal and transverse diameters of the cervical spinal canal were measured, using high-resolution, thin-section computerized-tomography images, in 100 control subjects and forty-two patients who had a traumatic injury to the spinal cord. No significant differences were found between the control and the spinal cord-injured(More)
A total of 2,905 pedicle measurements were made from T1-L5. Measurements were made from spinal computerized tomography (CT) scan examinations and individual vertebral specimen roentgenograms. Parameters considered were the pedicle isthmus width in the transverse and sagittal planes, pedicle angles in the transverse and sagittal planes, and the depth to the(More)
CAT scans were performed in 66 patients with neuropsychiatric disorders of childhood (infantile autism, attention deficit disorder, Tourette's disorder, and language disorder) and a control group of 20 medical patients. Ventricular volume and brain density were determined by quantitative, computer-based methods by researchers blind to the patients'(More)
The effective thoracic and lumbar pedicle diameter as related to screw size for that pedicle was studied in six fresh-frozen human cadaver spines. Measurements of the pedicle were obtained before screw insertion using axial and coronal reformatted computed tomographic (CT) images, as well as graduated sounding of the pedicle. After sequentially loading each(More)
Two hundred fifty-three patients with lumbar pars interarticularis defects were studied by multiplanar high-resolution computed tomographic scanning (CT/MPR). Two hundred thirty patients had one or more pars defects at L5, 21 at L4, and two at L3. Within this group of patients, 21% had more than 5 mm of disk bulge or herniation, 34% had foraminal(More)
Gabor x-ray holograms of biological specimens and of test objects that display <56-nm resolution are presented. This spatial resolution is more than an order of magnitude smaller than what has been achieved previously in x-ray holography. The holograms were recorded on photoresist using 2.57-nm soft x rays from the X-17t undulator at the National Syncrotron(More)
A new computer software program that generates panoramic and oblique computed tomography scans was used to examine 205 patients who were being considered for endosseous dental implants in the mandibular or maxillary arches. This technique allowed recognition of the course of the inferior alveolar nerve canal and measurement of the alveolar ridge, which(More)