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PURPOSE Fissure-in-ano is characterized by pain, bleeding, and internal anal sphincter hypertonicity. Spasm of the internal sphincter also plays a role in hemorrhoidal disease and may be a source of anal pain after hemorrhoid surgery. Inducing sphincter relaxation with a nitroglycerin ointment has shown promise in healing anal fissures and relieving(More)
PURPOSE To prospectively compare a compact bolus (CB) injection protocol using high-iodine concentration contrast medium with a standard bolus (SB) injection protocol at equi-iodine doses for run-off computed tomographic angiography (CTA). MATERIALS AND METHODS 64 patients with suspected peripheral arterial disease who underwent 40 or 64-slice run-off CTA(More)
We examined diminutive colonic polyps to identify relationships between thermal electrocoagulation or resection trauma cytologic artifacts, type of thermal electrocoagulation, polyp size, and the interobserver variation among 3 pathologists. The 3 pathologists independently evaluated 119 colonic polyps 5 mm or less in maximum dimension for diagnosis and(More)
OBJECT The availability of magnetic resonance (MR) imaging data obtained in comatose patients after head injury is scarce, because MR imaging is somewhat cumbersome to perform in patients requiring ventilation and because, in the first hours after injury, its relevance is clearly inferior to computerized tomography (CT) scanning. The authors assessed the(More)
OBJECT In 1991 a new pioneering classification of severe head injuries had been proposed, based on CT findings. Unfortunately CT cannot visualise all lesions. Especially brain stem lesions may escape CT in spite of modern equipment, but may be demonstrated by MRI. The high incidence of CT negative but MRI positive posttraumatic brain stem lesions has(More)
We have previously reported that the hormone insulin can modulate synaptic function of dopamine neurons. To evaluate whether insulin can alter performance of a task which is dependent on intact dopaminergic signaling, we tested rats in a five minute lick rate task, with a range of concentrations of sucrose or oil solutions. Rats received either ip (t -15(More)
The aim of the study was to assess neuroimaging patterns of cerebral aspergillosis with magnetic resonance imaging (1.5 T). The clinical and imaging data of nine patients were reviewed. Patients were included in the study if the diagnosis of aspergillosis was confirmed by either biopsy, autopsy, aspergillus antigen determination and/or neuroradiological and(More)
Between July 1993 and October 1997, 107 patients with 118 meningiomas were treated with Gamma Knife radiosurgery (GKRS). The most frequent site of tumor origin was the skull base (54%). The mean tumor diameter and volume were 2.5 cm and 9.4 cm3, respectively. The mean dose to the tumor periphery was 17 Gy, prescribed to a mean iso-dose of 47%. At a mean(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the necessity of total colonic evaluation in patients diagnosed with anal cancer. We reviewed the cases of 69 patients treated for neoplasm of the anus from January 1973 through November 1998. Patients underwent a barium enema, flexible sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy; findings from these procedures were analyzed. Anal(More)