Stephen Kenny

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Polymix breeding with paternity analysis (PMX/WPA) has been proposed as an alternative to traditional full-sib breeding and testing schemes. To fully capture the benefits of PMX/WPA, differential reproductive success (DRS) of pollen parents used in the polymix must be modest. DRS was evaluated in an operational test of PMX/WPA for a hybrid poplar breeding(More)
Careers advisors encourage pupils to become more involved in the process and engage in their own career planning. Many pupils express an expectation of receiving direct career guidance where they are ‘told’ what to do. Such pupils who place their futures in the hands of luck or fate typically lack personal involvement or commitment to the process. This(More)
There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to non-European Union (EU) researchers to become involved in EU projects. Involvement in such international collaborations requires careful consideration. In this paper we explore and analyze an example of Canadian involvement in an EU Fifth Framework research project.
This paper presents systematic investigations on complete through hole filling for cores using a Cu electroplating process as an alternative to the common paste plugging process [1]. This technology is targeting at both HDI production and also at the packaging level [2]. This electro plating process consists of two steps, a first process to merge both(More)
Continued improvements in home grown forage consumption are needed to support the long-term profitability of the dairy industry in southern Australia. Most home grown forage currently comes from perennial ryegrass pastures, which have significant limitations in the southern Australia environment. These limitations threaten future productivity gains, and we(More)
The thermo mechanical reliability of copper plated through holes (PTH) in printed circuit boards is normally determined by different tests e.g. thermo cycle test (TCT), interconnect stress test (IST) or highly accelerated thermal shock (HATS). During these tests the plated copper is exposed to stresses and strains which are below the tensile strength and(More)
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