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— Estimating a channel impulse response using a known aperiodic sequence is considered. The problem can be reduced to minimizing the trace of the inverse of a Toeplitz matrix. An efficient algorithm for computing this trace is developed and optimal binary sequences up to length 32 are found and tabulated. The use of complementary sequences in this context(More)
This paper presents a novel protocol for fair exchange of DSA-based signatures to support an e-commerce activity of digital contract signing. The protocol employs an off-line semi-trusted third party (STTP), which participates in the protocol execution only in exceptional circumstances and which involvement in the protocol is transparent. The protocol can(More)
— This paper addresses the problem of selecting the optimum training sequence for channel estimation in communication systems over time-dispersive channels. By processing in the frequency domain, a new explicit form of search criterion is found, the gain loss factor (GLF), which minimizes the variance of the estimation error and is easy to compute.(More)