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A variety of investigators in recent years have proposed models of psychological systems based on the concepts of chaos, nonlinear dynamics, and self-organization. Unfortunately, psychologists in general have little understanding of these important ideas. These terms are defined, and their relationships are discussed. The value of applying these concepts to(More)
This paper presents an efficient security protocol for certified e-goods delivery with the following features: (1) ensures strong fairness, (2) ensures non-repudiation of origin and non-repudiation of receipt, (3) allows the receiver of an e-goods to verify, during the protocol execution, that the e-goods he is about to receive is the one he is signing the(More)
Posttraumatic growth (PTG) research is an emerging area of empirical study, especially within the field of clinical health psychology. Much of the research in this area has thus far focused on determining the correlates and predictors of PTG. This systematic review aimed to evaluate the association between posttraumatic growth and dispositional optimism,(More)
This paper presents a novel protocol for fair exchange of DSA-based signatures to support an e-commerce activity of digital contract signing. The protocol employs an off-line semi-trusted third party (STTP), which participates in the protocol execution only in exceptional circumstances and which involvement in the protocol is transparent. The protocol can(More)