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We present a novel, computerized method of examining cerebral cortical thickness. The normal cortex varies in thickness from 2 to 4 mm, reflecting the morphology of neuronal sublayers. Cortical pathologies often manifest abnormal variations in thickness, with examples of Alzheimer's disease and cortical dysplasia as thin and thick cortex, respectively.(More)
Regular clicks from diving sperm whales, both large bull males and smaller females, were recorded in deep oceanic water off the Azores and subsequently sampled to computer disks for digital analysis. A total of 8540 clicks were marked and analyzed. Simple temporal analysis of the interclick intervals during feeding dives revealed mean click rates for male(More)
BACKGROUND Aromatase inhibitors improved disease-free survival compared with tamoxifen when given as an initial adjuvant treatment or after 2-3 years of tamoxifen to postmenopausal women with hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer. We therefore compared the long-term effects of exemestane monotherapy with sequential treatment (tamoxifen followed by(More)
Central Government strategy of e-inclusion is being manifested in the form of eGovernment. Given that it is the public purse that funds such investments, there is increasingly attention being paid to the evaluation of these investments, such that value for money and organisation learning can be realised. In this paper the authors report the findings from(More)
The homeobox gene Pax-6 is expressed during eye development in both the retina and lens, and Pax-6 mutations cause ocular abnormalities including retinal defects. We investigated the pattern of Pax-6 gene expression in the rd/rd mouse model of inherited retinal degeneration in comparison with nondegenerative controls, using Northern blot,(More)
OBJECT Laser interstitial thermal therapy has been used as an ablative treatment for glioma; however, its development was limited due to technical issues. The NeuroBlate System incorporates several technological advances to overcome these drawbacks. The authors report a Phase I, thermal dose-escalation trial assessing the safety and efficacy of NeuroBlate(More)
Standardized terminological systems for biomedical information have provided considerable benefits to biomedical applications and research. However, practical use of this information often requires mapping across terminological systems-a complex and time-consuming process. This paper demonstrates the complexity and challenges of mapping across(More)
—There are two avenues for many-core machines to gain higher performance: increasing the number of processors, and increasing the number of vector units in one SIMD processor. A truly scalable algorithm should take advantage of both. However, most past research on scalable memory allocators scales well with the number of processors, but poorly with the(More)
The deployment of e-Government continues at a significant cost and pace in the worldwide public sector. An important area of research is that of the evaluation of e-Government. In this paper the authors report the findings from three interpretive in-depth organisational case studies that explore e-Government evaluation within UK public sector settings. The(More)