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  • Stuart D Tyner, Sundaresan Venkatachalam, Jene Choi, Stephen Jones, Nader Ghebranious, Herbert Igelmann +9 others
  • 2002
The p53 tumour suppressor is activated by numerous stressors to induce apoptosis, cell cycle arrest, or senescence. To study the biological effects of altered p53 function, we generated mice with a deletion mutation in the first six exons of the p53 gene that express a truncated RNA capable of encoding a carboxy-terminal p53 fragment. This mutation confers(More)
Central Government strategy of e-inclusion is being manifested in the form of eGovernment. Given that it is the public purse that funds such investments, there is increasingly attention being paid to the evaluation of these investments, such that value for money and organisation learning can be realised. In this paper the authors report the findings from(More)
Standardized terminological systems for biomedical information have provided considerable benefits to biomedical applications and research. However, practical use of this information often requires mapping across terminological systems-a complex and time-consuming process. This paper demonstrates the complexity and challenges of mapping across(More)
This work investigates the effect of ecological interactions between organisms on the evolutionary dynamics of a community. A spatially explicit, individual-based model is presented, in which organisms compete for space and resources. We investigated how introducing the potential for mutualistic relationships (where the presence of one type of organism(More)
—There are two avenues for many-core machines to gain higher performance: increasing the number of processors, and increasing the number of vector units in one SIMD processor. A truly scalable algorithm should take advantage of both. However, most past research on scalable memory allocators scales well with the number of processors, but poorly with the(More)
BACKGROUND In areas endemic for visceral leishmaniasis (VL), a large number of infected individuals mount a protective cellular immune response and remain asymptomatic carriers. We propose an interferon-gamma release assay (IFN-γRA) as a novel marker for latent L. donovani infection. METHODS AND FINDINGS We modified a commercial kit (QuantiFERON)(More)