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Science Versus the Bible: Debating T.H. Huxley
Gladstone debated T.H. Huxley on two separate occasions in the British review Nineteenth Century. The disputes eventually became part of the lore in the modern war between science and religion.Expand
The Specter of Popery: Infallibility and the Vatican Decrees
In his 1874 pamphlet The Vatican Decrees in Their Bearing on Civil Allegiance: A Political Expostulation, Gladstone took critical aim at Pope Pius IX and the papal decree of infallibility. HeExpand
Religion, Politics, and Journalism: Modern Influences in Nineteenth-Century America
This chapter serves as an introduction to the relevant trends in the late nineteenth century in American religion, politics, and journalism. Traditional ideas and institutions were battered steadilyExpand
Atheism and Politics: The Charles Bradlaugh Imbroglio
Gladstone faced a significant political challenge when the avowed atheist Charles Bradlaugh was elected in 1880 to the House of Commons. He was removed and banned from Parliament when he attempted toExpand
Defending Orthodoxy: Reviewing Robert Elsmere and Gladstone’s Works of Joseph Butler
Gladstone’s review of Robert Elsmere, Mary Ward’s popular novel of lost faith, appeared in the May 1888 edition of the Nineteenth Century. Ward, the niece of poet Matthew Arnold, offered her readersExpand
Using Social Media as a Dynamic Supplement to Traditional Teaching
Covid-19 pandemic brought many changes in our lives and lead us to find new ways of didactic teaching. Social distancing has forced us to create new methods of learning. Social media use isExpand
In Memoriam: America Remembers Gladstone
American reactions to Gladstone’s death in 1898 became the catalyst for an enormous outpouring of mourning across the United States. His Christian devotion was a prominent theme among those whoExpand
The Politics of Religion: Disestablishing the Irish Church
Gladstone was propelled into his first premiership in 1868 on the issue of Irish Church disestablishment. The American press from all religious and political backgrounds celebrated hisExpand
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