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Effect of host brood type on the number of offspring laid by the honeybee parasite Varroa jacobsoni
The number of offspring laid by individual mites, varies depending on the type (drone or worker) of honeybee brood cell invaded. The number of offspring laid by individual mites increases whenExpand
The Whales' Journey
Prologue1 People and whales2 The life of humpback whales3 Preparing for the journey4 The northerly migration5 North to warmer seas6 The birthing and breeding grounds7 The southerly migrationFullExpand
A new land: European perceptions of Australia, 1788-1850
Developing the land Explorers and surveyors Settling down Scientists, naturalists and collectors Convicted and transported Travelling through.
Rock and a Hard Place
Poems For Sale
Antarcticans and the war
As Australia commemorates the centenary of its involvement in World War I and the Battle of Gallipoli (25 April 1915 - 9 January 1916), it is timely to reflect on the contribution many AntarcticExpand