Stephen J Zoog

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The aspartate-specific caspases are critical protease effectors of programmed cell death and consequently represent important targets for apoptotic intervention. Baculovirus P35 is a potent substrate inhibitor of metazoan caspases, a property that accounts for its unique effectiveness in preventing apoptosis in phylogenetically diverse organisms. Here we(More)
Caspases play a critical role in the execution of metazoan apoptosis and are thus attractive therapeutic targets for apoptosis-associated diseases. Here we report that baculovirus P49, a homolog of pancaspase inhibitor P35, prevents apoptosis in invertebrates by inhibiting an initiator caspase that is P35 insensitive. Consequently P49 blocked proteolytic(More)
Baculovirus P35 is a universal substrate-inhibitor of the death caspases. Stoichiometric inhibition by P35 is correlated with cleavage of its reactive site loop (RSL) and formation of a stable P35.caspase complex through a novel but undefined mechanism. The P35 crystal structure predicts that the RSL associates with the beta-sheet core of P35 positioning(More)
Signal transduction through the CD40 receptor is initiated by binding of its trimeric ligand and propagated by interactions of tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor (TRAF) proteins with the multimerized CD40 cytoplasmic domain. Using defined multimeric constructs of the CD40 cytoplasmic domain expressed as either soluble or myristoylated(More)
Signaling through the CD40 receptor activates diverse molecular pathways in a variety of immune cell types. To study CD40 signaling complexes in B cells, we produced soluble CD40 cytoplasmic domain multimers that translocate across cell membranes and engage intracellular CD40 signaling pathways. As visualized by fluorescence microscopy, rapid transduction(More)
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