Stephen J Monson

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A method using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry has been developed for determination of trace levels of tetracycline antibiotics in ground water and confined animal feeding operation waste water. Oxytetracycline (OTC), tetracycline (TC), and chlortetracycline (CTC) were extracted from water samples using both polymeric and C18 extraction(More)
Recent improvements in the LC-MS interface have increased the sensitivity and selectivity of this instrument in the analysis of polar and thermally-labile aqueous constituents. Determination of RDX, nitroso-RDX metabolites, and other munitions was enhanced using LC-MS with solid-phase extraction, 15N3-RDX internal standard, and electrospray ionization (ESI)(More)
Profiles of ground water pesticide concentrations beneath the Nebraska Management Systems Evaluation Area (MSEA) describe the effect of 20 yr of pesticide usage on ground water in the central Platte Valley of Nebraska. During the 6-yr (1991-1996) study, 14 pesticides and their transformation products were detected in 7848 ground water samples from the(More)
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