Stephen J. Malcolm

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An assessment of the risk of illness associated with Escherichia coli O157:H7 in ground beef was drafted in 2001. The exposure assessment considers farm, slaughter, and preparation factors that influence the likelihood of humans consuming ground beef servings containing E. coli O157:H7 and the number of cells in a contaminated serving. Apparent seasonal(More)
The biogeochemical controls on particulate phosphorus distribution in the Humber estuary have been investigated with regard to salinity and season. Surveys of the Humber were conducted in August 1991 and January, March and June 1992. Samples were collected for particulate phosphorus, dissolved phosphorus, suspended load and salinity analysis. Particulate(More)
Bottom trawling causes physical disturbance to sediments particularly in shelf areas. The disturbance due to trawling is most significant in deeper areas with softer sediments where levels of natural disturbance due to wave and tidal action are low. In heavily fished areas, trawls may impact the same area of seabed more than four times per year. A single(More)
An understanding of undesirable disturbance to the balance of organisms is needed to diagnose marine eutrophication as defined by EU Directives and OSPAR. This review summarizes the findings of the UK Defra-funded Undesirable Disturbance Study Team, which concluded that 'an undesirable disturbance is a perturbation of a marine ecosystem that appreciably(More)
The main aim of this study was to develop a generic tool for assessing risks and impacts of nutrient enrichment in estuaries. A simple model was developed to predict the magnitude of primary production by phytoplankton in different estuaries from nutrient input (total available nitrogen and/or phosphorus) and to determine likely trophic status. In the(More)
Citation: Bean TP, Greenwood N, Beckett R, Biermann L, Bignell JP, Brant JL, Copp GH, Devlin MJ, Dye S, Feist SW, Fernand L, Foden D, Hyder K, Jenkins CM, van der Kooij J, Kröger S, Kupschus S, Leech C, Leonard KS, Lynam CP, Lyons BP, Maes T, Nicolaus EEM, Malcolm SJ, McIlwaine P, Merchant ND, Paltriguera L, Pearce DJ, Pitois SG, Stebbing PD, Townhill B,(More)
PLAIN ENGLISH SUMMARY (Please see for an easy read summary of the project.) The Tools for Talking are a set of resources that were developed through collaboration between Black, Asian and minority ethnic people with learning disabilities and researchers at the University of Birmingham. The resources were designed to be used by(More)
Cereal Chem. 68(2):190-194 To determine the effect of cereal brans on the metabolism of iron, from phase 1 to 2, but tissue levels generally increased with age. Tissue zinc, copper, and manganese, a seven-month study was conducted using levels were generally higher in females than males. Dietary fiber or phytate male and female Sprague-Dawley rats. They(More)
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