Stephen J. Fedigan

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Recent studies have shown that transmembrane protein 16 A (TMEM16A) is a subunit of calcium-activated chloride channels (CACCs). Pharmacological agents have been used to probe the functional role of CACCs, however their effect on TMEM16A currents has not been systematically investigated. In the present study, we characterized the voltage and(More)
Unbalance response is a common vibration problem associated with rotating machinery. For several years, researchers have demonstrated that this vibration could be greatly alleviated for machines using active magnetic bearings through active control. Many of the control strategies employed fall into a class which the authors have termed adaptive open loop(More)
Interstitial cells of Cajal (ICC) isolated from the rabbit urethra exhibit Ca2+-activated Cl− currents (I ClCa) that are important for the development of urethral tone. Here, we examined if TMEM16A (ANO1) contributed to this activity by examining the effect of “new-generation” TMEM16A inhibitors, CACCinh-A01 and T16Ainh-A01, on I ClCa recorded from freshly(More)
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