Stephen J. Clark

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Fertilization triggers global erasure of paternal 5-methylcytosine as part of epigenetic reprogramming during the transition from gametic specialization to totipotency. This involves oxidation by TET3, but our understanding of its targets and the wider context of demethylation is limited to a small fraction of the genome. We employed an optimized bisulfite(More)
We have investigated the transcriptional regulation of the human embryonic zeta-globin gene promoter. First, we examined the effect that deletion of sequences 5' to zeta-globin's CCAAT box have on zeta-promoter activity in erythroid cell lines. Deletions of sequences between -116 and -556 (cap = 0) had little effect while further deletion to -84 reduced(More)
To monitor in vivo transcription and chromatin structure of yeast tRNA genes, we constructed a synthetic tRNA gene that can be used as a reporter. Constructs in which this synthetic tRNA gene is combined with different flanking regions can be integrated into the genome as single copies. The artificial tRNA gene is tagged by the insertion of an intron-like(More)
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