Stephen J. Childe

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This paper discusses the principles of a modelling technique called IDEF9000. IDEF9000 takes a systems view of a Fulfil Order Process and allows the modelling of activities, functional relationships and data. Developed from the original IDEF0 modelling technique, IDEF9000 uses an extended syntax and semantics to identify the links to the ISO 9001 quality(More)
The paper extends the work presented previously on the application of generic process models in Business Process Re-engineering (Childe et al 1995). The construction of business process models is contextualised by a five stage composite methodology for BPR. Following an analysis of various process architectures the potential of generic process models is(More)
SMEs often have to adapt their manufacturing systems to changing circumstances such as technology advances and business growth. This paper presents a new methodology for the redesign of manufacturing systems within SMEs. This paper will show that most approaches to manufacturing systems redesign are linear and it will explain why this is not the best option(More)
This paper describes research to examine the process of knowledge transfer between universities and industry, where the transfer of knowledge can be a valuable source of innovation for a company, in terms of new product development (radical innovation) but also as a source of knowledge for process or product improvement (incremental innovation). The view is(More)
Business Process Reengineering is necessary to be flexible to adapt to changing global and competitive environment. Reengineering is a fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic improvement in cost, quality, speed, and service. This paper is devoted to a critical review of existing literature on business process(More)
In recent years, there has been a proliferation of interest in resilience in the supply chain field. Even though literature has acknowledged the antecedents of resilient supply chains, such as supply chain visibility, cooperation, and information sharing, their confluence in creating resilient supply chains where other behavioural issues are prevailing(More)